Since 1996, we have been doing our best to make sure that your animals are well looked after.

Through MONVET or MONUNI VETERINARY we offer veterinary services in our clinic and in the field. We believe that our experience, professionalism and our sincere understanding offer the best choice for your animals, whether they are companionship animals or farm animals.

We have found that the key to offering high quality services is a combination of medical competence, empathy for the owners of animals and genuine care for the animal. After we hear your concerns, using our laboratory we will diagnose your animals’ needs to achieve optimal health.

We love our job.

Our veterinarians bring experience, love and sincere care for animals in their jobs. This, in combination with highest quality medicine and equipments of the latest technology enables us to offer the highest quality of services for your animals.

Within our veterinary clinic, we have our operation rooms equipped with contemporary equipments for procedures of different difficulties. Furthermore, in order to get a better image of the health of your animals, our clinic has a laboratory for different kind of analysis, including blood tests, biochemical analysis, urinary analysis and x-ray.

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We are your friend’s friend. Therefore, our care taking does not end when you leave our clinic. We believe that it is important for us to remain in contact throughout the full recovery of your animal. This could be done through the phone, digital media or regular check ups. This way, we can provide you with professional and practical advice, while making sure that your animals is on the way to complete recovery.

Our working hours:


07:00 - 17:00


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07:00 - 17:00


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Our location: Rr. Washington 65, Gjilan, Kosovë.

We are always at your service.

Our care for animals does not end with our work shift. Therefore, we have also created our emergency line.. Equipped with everything necessary to perform quick interventions, our veterinarians are always ready to answer your calls.