Our beginnings in the field of veterinary have been accompanied by the need for better products. Thus, in order to provide our veterinarians and other veterinarians in Kosovo with better veterinary medicine and equipments, we created this sector for trade and distribution of veterinary medicine and products.

MONPHARM or MONUNI PHARMACEUTICALS is our sector that engages with trading and distributing veterinary pharmacy, equipments and other associated products. In the beginning, through this sector we traded products for our own requirements. Later on, when the quality of the products we used was proven, the demand for our products increased. This way, we began distributing our products to our colleagues in a wider channel. Now, through regular supplies, we support veterinarians and other physicians all over the country.

The wellbeing of animals is essential for agricultural production. Animal products do not represent only a source of food, they are also a source of income for many farmers. Therefore, high quality products are necessary for the development and progress of farmers and agriculture. Our primary objective is to fulfil these needs and consequently, to provide optimal health for each animal involved.

Our dedication to offer the very best of our capabilities for our clients has enabled us to create close relationships with partners from countries like the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Croatia, Ireland and more. However, more than anything, we see ourselves as partners of each veterinarian and farmer.

Veterinary is a tough profession with many difficulties and our purpose is to make it easier for veterinarians to exercise their abilities by offering high quality products.

We have the experience and professional competence needed to fulfil the requirements of our clients and we have been proving this for more than 20 years.